About the winner of individual audio slideshow of the NPPA

Hi to all,

I’ve seen the story, and I have a critic to do.
I think that the story is great, is an incredible big story, but the pictures are not so good.
I think most of them are without feelings, just at the end of the story he is getting better and more near, but until he die, there is no feelings for me.
I think also that 71 pictures are really too much for a story like that, I don’t keep the attention on it.
Try to see the slideshow without the sound, so you can concentrate on the pictures, and you will see what I’m saying.
2009/10/17 Nelson <nelson@nelsonbakerman.com>
To all students in nelson’s lighting class: Check out the piece called ” A Life Well Lived” quite moving…..


This is the direct link to the story : A life well lived


Author: Jacopo Quaranta

Born in 19/03/1984 Now at International Center of Photography enrolled in Photojournalist and documentary program

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